Reference: UTM Parameters to Use in Landing Page URLs

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As explained in Landing Page URL and UTM Parameters, it’s important to include UTM parameters in the landing page URL for a campaign ad. There are three UTM parameters that we recommend including in your Demandbase ad campaign landing page URLs:

  • utm_source
  • utm_medium
  • utm_campaign


The UTM_SOURCE parameter identifies the source of the traffic to your landing page. The value for the parameter can be the name of the vendor (for example, demandbase) or whatever else helps identify the source.


The UTM_MEDIUM parameter describes the specific marketing element that the user clicked, such as a display ad, email, social media posting, or cost-per-click. Typically, the value of the parameter for Demandbase customers assigning a landing page URL to a campaign ad refers to a banner ad placement or size (for example, display).


The UTM_CAMPAIGN parameter refers to the overall campaign associated with the ad where you’ve placed the landing page URL. For example, a possible value for this parameter is a short description of the campaign, such as ProductA_Launch.


Here's an example of a landing page URL used in a Demandbase ad campaign that includes all three of the recommended UTM parameters:

Tip: For more information about creating a URL with UTM parameters, see the URL builders page on the Google Analytics website.

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