Create Account Lists for Advertising Campaigns

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Important: The availability of some features described in this article depends on your version of Demandbase One. Contact your Demandbase Admin about the features available.

Demandbase One provides several ways to create account lists for an advertising use case:

  • Integrate predictive scores and/or firmographic data
  • Import data from CRM or marketing automation
  • Upload an Excel file
  • Use Demandbase Journey Stages 

Demandbase monitors content consumption behaviors throughout the Web and uses artificial intelligence to discover engagement patterns. As well, Demandbase identifies engagement patterns with a high likelihood of being in-market for your solutions while also uncovering decision makers and stakeholders for a given account in the lists you create.

You'll use the Demandbase Selector tool to create new account lists for an ad campaign. The broad swath of Selector filters help you pinpoint accounts with the strongest buying signals—and at any Journey Stage that you want to select. Account lists can range from unaware target accounts for a top-of-funnel strategy to an account list of existing customers showing growth behaviors. You can use these lists with your next ad campaign to drive optimal business outcomes.


  • Demandbase ABX Platform
  • Demandbase Advertising

The following information provides an overview of what’s possible with account lists and how you can capitalize on them in your advertising campaigns. See Create and Access Accounts Lists to learn the actual steps for establishing and managing account lists in the Demandbase ABX Platform. 

Recommended Approaches

Here are some examples of what you can accomplish with Demandbase Advertising.

Enter a New Market

When you’re breaking into a new industry, region, or even offering a new product, you need to know who the most likely buyers are. Consider the following Demandbase Selectors to target your campaign to an audience showing buying signals and to understand why the Advertising solution matches your ads to specific types of users: 

  • Qualification Score > 85
  • Pipeline Predict > 85
  • pre-Marketing Qualified Account (MQA) Journey Stages

Accelerate Pipeline

Directly support your sales organization by creating very specific lists of industry-specific or late-stage content either for reaching pipeline-ready accounts or for opening opportunities. Consider the following Selectors when building the list to maximize your success:

  • Industry
  • Pipeline Predict > 85
  • Opportunity Stage
  • Engagement Minutes
  • Post-Marketing Qualified Account (MQA) Journey Stage

Up-Sell Current Customers

Identifying and targeting existing customers for an up-sell can help increase growth pipeline and revenue, resulting in higher lifetime customer value. Demandbase Selectors assist you with identifying which customers are in-market for your up-sell solution. Consider the following Selectors if your campaign goal is to increase growth pipeline and revenue:

  • Account Type = Customer
  • Products Owned = Not Product B
  • Website Visits = Product B Product Page
  • Keyword Set = Product B with High Strength
  • Customer Health = Good
  • Renewal Date with operator = In the Future After and selected field = 6 months

Tip: There are additional ways beyond digital marketing to use your advertising account lists. Share the account lists with sales and with field marketing teams. Also, share the lists with marketers who manage your marketing automation platform to coordinate plays across channels.

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