Configure Auto-Create Account Lists

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Demandbase can automatically create and update account lists for your users based on their associated accounts. Each night, Demandbase checks for changes to an account in the fields specified on the Auto-Create Account Lists page. If changes are found, account lists are created or updated accordingly.

Important: For account lists to be created automatically, the user's email address in Demandbase must match their email address in CRM or CSV. 


  1. From the left navigation bar, go to Settings_N.png Settings > Analytics > Auto-Create Account Lists
    Tip: Auto-Create Account Lists is enabled by default. To disable it, toggle off Auto Create Account Lists

  2. Select the fields to trigger the Auto-Create Account Lists.
    Important: When using fields from CRM, the field type must be Lookup Relationship related to the User object. Best practice is to include the Account Owner Id field (this field identifies the account owner), BDR/SDR Owner field, Assigned CSM field, and any other user fields related to the account that would benefit from understanding their account's marketing engagement.
  3. Click Save.


Account owners are automatically subscribed to receive the weekly Account List Snapshot email by default. You can also manually subscribe users to the other snapshot types from the Auto-Create Account Lists page. See Set Up or Remove Snapshot Email Subscriptions.

In addition, if you have the Slack integration set up, Demandbase delivers web engagement notifications via Slack to account owners based on the accounts they own. See Create or Customize Slack Alerts

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