Understanding Orchestration Audiences

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Within Orchestration, you can use Audiences to seamlessly sync Demandbase Audiences to third-party platforms to:

  • Target Demandbase Audiences with relevant ads based on funnel stage.
  • Target Demandbase Audiences with relevant ads based on intent, activities, behavioral, demographic or firmographic data.
  • Enable cross channel nurtures to accelerate funnel velocity by ensuring the right person at the right account has the right content experience across various platforms. 


  • You must have Admin privileges or be assigned to a permission set with the required access to use Orchestration and Audiences. There is no concept of Public Audiences in Demandbase. Any user that can use Orchestration and Audiences can access and manage all Audiences.
  • You must have the Demandbase Orchestration or Advertising solution to create more than three Audiences.

To access audience information, from the left navigation bar, go to Orchestration_N.png Orchestration > Audiences and click the name of the audience you want to view. Audiences include the following six tabs.


  • Selector: Use Selectors to identify the people or accounts to add to your audience. 
  • Destinations: Add the third-party platforms to sync the audience to.
  • Scheduler: Specify when you want your audience to start and stop syncing to its destination.
  • Member Preview: Shows you all of the people or accounts who qualify for your audience based on the Selector you have set up at this point in time.
  • Details: Shows details about the audience like who created it, when it was last modified, the description and more.
  • History: Provides the details of what has happened with each sync of the audience to its destinations. This is where you can go to see the job and action statuses that have been completed as part of the audience sync.

How It Works

We find people or accounts in your database based on the selector logic and continuously add people or accounts who meet your Selector criteria to the destinations you specified and continuously remove people and accounts that do not meet your Selector criteria from the destinations you have specified.

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