Set Up an Integration as a Data Source

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Demandbase integrates with a wide variety of systems. On the Integrations page, you can set up third-party integrations as data sources, so that you can receive data FROM an integration.

To set up Demandbase to send data TO an integration, see Set Up Demandbase to Send Data to an Integration: Account Connector.

Direct Integrations

Demandbase directly integrates with the following platforms:

Indirect Integrations

Demandbase does not directly integrate with the following platforms, but our connections to Salesforce allow us to initiate, track, and augment activities with:

  • PFL (Direct Mail)
  • Sendoso (Direct Mail)
  • And many more!


You must have Admin privileges.

Integration user credentials for the platform you're connecting. 


  1. From the left navigation bar, go to Settings_N.png Settings > Integrated Systems > Integrations
  2. Click Create Data Source and select the data source.
  3. Enter the authentication information requested and activate the data source if prompted. 
    • The authentication information required varies depending on the type of data source you select. The following example shows the required authentication information to integrate with Eloqua. 
  4. Click Save.

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