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Filters are a great companion to Selectors. They consist of specific Selector criteria that can help you refine your account, people, and opportunity lists on-the-fly. They can also uncover subsets of audiences (segments) or activities that you commonly need to see. You can use filters like on-the-fly searches to narrow down lists instead of recreating an entire list to see a specific segment.

For example, you can use filters to narrow down your target account list by segment. Using filters for segments such as account size, industry, or region, you can filter the same list over and over again to see the accounts that fit into each segment.

Filters are available for accounts, people, opportunities, or activities and can be used on lists or within Selectors of the same member type.

You can also create filters from the Analytics section. See Create and Save Filters in Analytics.


Decide on the criteria you want to use to filter your accounts, people, opportunities, or activities. 

Tip: Create a private filter as a trial and explore the filters available.


  1. From the left navigation bar, go to Database_N.png Database > Account Filters, Person Filters, Opportunity Filters or Activity Filters and click Create New.
  2. In the Create a New Filter window, do the following:
    • Name: Enter a name for the filter. Name it something easy to remember, such as New York Billing.
    • Visibility: Select who can view the filter.
      • Public: Visible to everyone in your company
      • Private: Visible only to the creator of the filter or any Demandbase users with an Admin role. This is a good option for trying out filters.
  3. Click Create Filter.
  4. From the Selector tab, select the Advanced sub-tab.
  5. Search for a field to filter on, such as Billing State/Province, and drag it into the Selector workspace.
  6. In the Select... field, search for and select your criteria, such as NY.
  7. Click Save.


Search for and use the filter as needed in Selectors, Segments, Journey Stages, or Reports.

Next Steps

If your company does business in New York or another billing state that you created the filter for, you might like to know the intent of your accounts there. Add your billing state filter to the Selectors in Reference: Demandbase Out-of-the-Box Intent Activity Selectors to find accounts by intent.

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