Data Collection Overview

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Below is a description of calls currently fired in the Demandbase Tag. The information below is not a contract nor does it constitute an agreement between Demandbase and its customers. All data collection is covered in our contracts and DPA.

Demandbase Tag

The Demandbase Tag includes calls to Demandbase’s core API and may include additional pixel calls that are necessary to support analytics and advertising functionality. Detailed information on cookies and pixels are available here.

Demandbase API (

(Fires on each pageview on all pages of your website where Tag is present. Information logged pertains to the pageview and visitor, is logged by Demandbase and is not passed on to 3rd parties unless indicated below)

  • Visitor IP address
  • Visitor X-Forwarded For
  • Timestamp
  • Referrer
  • Page URL
  • User Agent
  • Demandbase Cookie ID*
  • Beeswax Cookie ID (necessary for serving Demandbase Targeting ads)*

*If user already has cookie ID, that ID will be logged. If the user does not have a cookie ID, a new ID will be set

Demandbase Pixel

(Fires in Tag on each pageview to support identification and increase Targeting reach)

  • Makes a call to Demandbase domain -
  • Demandbase logs cookie ID

Beeswax Pixel

(Fires in Tag to support campaign tracking, increased campaign reach and retargeting; fires in Demandbase ads and landing pages to support campaign tracking and performance)

  • Makes a call to Beeswax Server -
  • Beeswax logs Beeswax ID
  • Demandbase logs Beeswax ID

Table of Calls

Call Domain Purpose Est Time (West Coast) Data Captured
Demadbase API* Company identification/All Demandbase functionality 60ms IP address, timestamp, referrer, page, user_agent, cookie id
Demandbase Ad Pixel (DB_ID) Demandbase Advertising and Analytics Cookie 70ms Cookie ID
3rd Party Bidder Pixel Targeting cookie for all Demandbase campaigns 120ms Cookie ID
ID Sync Maps Demandbase IDs to 3rd party IDs 100ms Demandbase ID, 3rd party ID, IP

*additional calls based on 3rd party integrations

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