Cookie-based identification FAQ


A high level FAQ of common cookie-based identification questions.

1. How does cookie-based identification work?

  • Visitors are cookied on our ad network or on client pages which attach a unique ID to that user/device to it for future reference.
  • Our IP API logs and IPOW bid/no-bid tell us when we see that cookie in association with a SID. When cookie IDs associated with company networks meet a threshold, the Demandbase rules engine maps them
  • When Demandbase sees that cookie again, on one of your pages, we return information/identification for the associated company.
  • You can expect to see an increase in identification, and can see your “remote” traffic in the Platform (please note: this is not currently an individually visible flag or field).

2. What signals and sources drive our visitor-level data?

  • Ad Impressions on our network
  • DB Customer sites with DB Tag placed
  • DB Partner sites with DB Tag placed

3. Which solutions will use visitor-level data?

  • Data collection:
    • After IP verification of corporate network, Demandbase uses cookies to identify when a user is off-corporate network.
    • Once a user is verified and cookied, we can understand their digital behavior and business intent.
  • Targeting solution
    • Identifying and counting unique users.
    • Retargeting / remarketing individuals from target accounts from certain pages.
  • Site Optimization– Site Optimization now understands the intent and engagement, both off-site and on-site at an individual level as well as at an account level. When it can, it recommends website content based not only on a successful buyer’s journey for the visitor’s account or IP address, but specifically for that individual comparing their on-site and off-site web page visits with other people’s similar behavior 

4. How do I get access?

  • All Demandbase clients will have access by default, which is fired based on a pixel in your Demandbase Tag.       

5: Additional details

  • This is GDPR compliant.
  • We are able to disable cookies for your implementation. Please inquire with your CSM if you have any concerns or additional questions.
  • This identification method has a higher accuracy & higher precision than standard cookies. 


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