Take Action: Gong Engage Flows

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The Add to Gong Engage flow action allows you to add people to Gong Engage flows directly from Demandbase.


  • Gong prevents actions from being taken on more than 200 people at a time. The limit only applies to the Take Action functionality. If you have the Orchestration solution, you can use Automations without this limitation.
  • You can’t remove people from a flow at this time.


Demandbase must be integrated with Gong. See Integrate Gong with Demandbase

You must have a license for Gong Engage. 

You must have active Gong Engage flows. See Gong's article on how to set up flows

Your Gong must be integrated with a CRM.


  1. Select people to add to a Gong Engage flow and click Take Action.
  2. In the right Take Action menu, select the Partner tab, and click Add to Gong Engage flow.
  3. Choose a flow by completing the following from the drop down lists:
    • Flows belong to: Gong user who owns the flow.
    • The Gong Engage Flow: Name of the flow.
      Tip: You can see personal flows owned by the user selected in the Flows belong to: drop-down and all company flows.

  4. Click Confirm



Demandbase sends a request to Gong to add people to the selected Gong Engage flow. 


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