Create and Manage Multiple Journeys

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Multiple Journeys allows you to create and define multiple journey funnels for different products and business units at your company. See Understanding Multiple Journeys.


You must have Administrative privileges. 

You must have a license for Multiple Journeys.

Steps: Create New Journey Funnel

  1. From the left navigation bar, go to Settings N.png Settings > Journey > Account Journey Builder.
  2. Click + Create New Journey.
    You can also duplicate an existing Journey funnel. See Steps: Manage Journey Funnels.
    MJ New Funnel.png
  3. Enter a Journey funnel name.  
  4. Click Submit.
    MJ New Funnel Submit.png

Steps: Manage Journey Funnels

  1. From the left navigation bar, go to Settings N.png Settings > Journey > Account Journey Builder.
  2. Hover over a Journey funnel name, click the gear icon that appears, and select one of the following options: 
    • Edit Journey: Edit, add, or reorder Stages. See Edit and Publish Journey Stages.
      • To edit the selectors used for the stage, click on a Journey Stage name.
      • To add a Stage, click Add New Stage
      • To reorder the Stages, click Reorder
      • To exit the edit module, click Cancel
      • To publish edits, click Publish
      • To hide a Stage from the Journeys dashboard in Analytics, toggle off Show in Analytics.
        MJ Edit.png
    • Rename Journey: Edit Journey funnel name.
      Important: You can only rename a non-global Journey funnel.  
    • Designate Stages: Designate MQA, Pipeline Stage, and Customer Stage Stages. See Designate Benchmark Journey Stages.
    • Duplicate Journey: Duplicate Journey funnel.
    • Delete: Delete Journey funnel.
      Important: You can only delete a non-global Journey funnel.  
      • Check the box next to Delete this Journey. In the box How many journeys will be deleted?, enter the number 1, and click Delete. 

MJ Manage Funnel.png


Demandbase creates a Journey funnel with out-of-the-box Stages. All Journey funnels and Stages are updated nightly. 

To see the Journey Stages, click the down arrow next to the funnel name. To edit the Journey Stages, see Edit and Publish Journey Stages.

You can also see updates to the Journey funnel in the following columns:

  • Last Refresh: Last date the Journey funnel data was processed in Demandbase. 
  • Last Updated: Last date edits were made to the Journey funnel. 
  • Last Updated By: Last user that made edits to the Journey funnel. 

MJ Funnel Info.png

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