April 2024 Product Update

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New Features:

Demandbase Folders

Database Folders are a desktop-style organization method for object (account, person, opportunity, and buying groups in the future) lists that will help admin and non-admin users better manage lists within Demandbase. It allows users to create folders and sub-folders to organize their lists, making them easier to find and take action on.

For more information, see the following articles:

Take Action with Gong Engage (Available May 2024)

This new integration with Gong Engage allows Demandbase ABX and Orchestration users to add people to a Gong Engage flow directly from Demandbase. This integration provides ABX users with an additional campaign channel, allowing them to orchestrate actions manually through Take Action or automatically through Orchestration automations.

Fields Management - Disable Controls for Dynamics

Dynamics support is now available for last month’s (Feb. ‘24) release of disabling the syncing of fields. This new feature provides more control over which fields are ingested into the ABX platform. Admins can now deactivate a field from the ABX platform to prevent data from being ingested into it. Managing data fields improves overall platform performance and relieves quota concerns related to some of our integrations (e.g. Marketo). It also reduces the amount of fields visible in the platform, resulting in a cleaner platform experience.

Engagement Minutes: Sales Activities from HubSpot

This feature makes HubSpot sales activities available in the ABX platform for use in Engagement Minutes and Selectors. Sales activities now available from HubSpot include:

  • Meetings
  • Tasks
  • Calls
  • Emails
  • Notes
  • Communication

ABX users can see HubSpot-sourced sales activities on the Engagement page (e.g. engagement trend chart, heatmaps) and in the Analytics dashboard. Users can also leverage HubSpot sales activity fields in Selectors when building target lists.

Product Changes:

Campaign Influence Metrics v2

The specific opportunities associated with the Influence chart on the Campaigns dashboard are now visible in a separate table. The opportunities shown will respect the date range selected on the dashboard. Additionally, the opportunities can be automatically filtered by selecting the Opportunity and Won stages within the Influence chart.

For more information, see Understanding the Influence Tab on the Campaigns Dashboard.

Dynamics Campaign Response

Microsoft Dynamics 365 campaign responses can now be ingested into the ABX platform. This enables Demandbase admins to configure Engagement Minutes for these campaigns to track overall campaign engagement. It also allows marketers to use Dynamics campaign responses as Selectors when building target lists.

Geolocation Fields Ingestion for Intent (G2 and TrustRadius)

Similar to Intent geolocation for Demandbase Intent, we are now providing geolocation data for intent provided by G2 and TrustRadius. Intent by geolocation makes it easy for users to understand the geographic breakdown of intent from an account or list of accounts, making the insights more actionable, especially for geographically distributed teams.

For more information, see the following articles:

Editable Email Addresses

Admins can now edit user email addresses when needed. In the past, admins had to delete the existing user and re-add them with a new email address. The process is now more straightforward, saving time and preserving the history of a user’s subscriptions and other actions in the ABX platform.

To edit a user’s email address, go to Settings > User Management > Users, hover over the email address, click on the gear icon that appears, and select Edit Profile. In the window that opens, update the Email and click Save. If you have Single Sign On (SSO) set up, ensure you update the email address in the SSO system first.

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