Understanding the Publishers and Creatives Tabs on the Campaigns Dashboard

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The Publishers and Creatives tabs in the Campaigns dashboard allow you to analyze publisher ad impressions and how accounts are engaging with the creative assets in your campaigns.  

Tips:  In the Publishers and Creatives table, you can do the following:

  • Click the magnifying glass icon to search for Publishers or Creatives by name.
  • Click Export to export the data as a CSV file.

Publishers Tab

The Publishers tab on the Campaigns dashboard shows where your ad impressions were served during the campaigns. The metrics on this tab include number of impressions, number of clicks, and click-through rate (CTR). By knowing which online publishers have higher or lower numbers of clicks and CTR for your campaigns, you might recognize patterns about how the content of web pages affects engagement with your ads. 


Creatives Tab

The Creatives tab on the Campaigns dashboard shows metrics about account engagement with campaigns related to Ad Groups or individual creatives. You can toggle between views and filter by creative type (display, video, or native). 

The metrics shown include ad spend, number of impressions, number of clicks, and CTR for all creatives associated with the selected campaigns. The start date metric indicates when the creative was first displayed in ad impressions. The last seen metric represents the latest date the creative was delivered in an impression.

For video creatives, you can also view metrics for quartile reporting. Quartile reporting shows what percentage of the video was played during the impressions within the campaign. You can review how many impressions viewed at least 25%, 50%, 75%, or the complete video. Additionally, you can see the completion % compared to the total number of impressions (rate). This allows you to see how engaging your video creatives are, compared to others. The column for Video 25% plays (the number of times videos played at least 25%) displays by default in the table. To add the other options, click Edit Columns and select them.

Filter by Level 

Using the Filter by: drop-down list, you can filter the data by Display, Video, or Native creative type. You can also group the data by Ad Group or Creative level reporting. 


Asset Details 

You can hover over the icon by the Ad Group or creative name to see more information. You can also access the Ad Group in the Creative Library or view a tear sheet for an individual creative. 


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