December 2023 Product Update

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New Features:

Campaign Influence Metrics

Our beta has started for campaign influence metrics. The Advertising Campaigns dashboard now includes a new Influence tab that allows you to see how each campaign influenced pipeline, revenue, average deal size, and more. Additionally, you can quantify campaign performance relative to a control group and assist with reviewing the ROI of campaigns. You can compare campaign metrics from the advertised list of accounts to a different list of accounts, enabling you to isolate the impact of the campaign.

See Understanding the Performance and Influence Tabs on the Campaigns Dashboard.

Enterprise User Management - User Experience Scalability

We continue to make enhancements to our user management settings to better serve enterprise companies. Admins can now mass update user attributes like:

  • Update department
  • Update assigned views
  • Assign and remove permission sets
  • Assign and remove workspaces (if applicable)

See Create and Manage Users.

Product Changes:

Marketo Bulk API

We have launched a new bulk extract API from Marketo that can be used in lieu of our default rest API to retrieve large sets of person and persona-related data for Leads and related activities. By enabling this feature (requested through Demandbase Support), the Bulk Extract API can reduce the number of API calls made by tenants and prevent customers from exceeding their quotas.

Data Integrity Multi-select Picklist Support

We are improving the user experience for Data Integrity to support multi-select picklists. Within the segmentation screens of Data Integrity, a user can now select from the following operations to specify criteria for multi-select picklists:

  • Equals - Must include ALL criteria for record match
  • Does Not Equal - Must exclude ALL criteria for record match
  • INCLUDES - Require either a portion or entirety of records be included in the record match results
  • EXCLUDES - Require either a portion or entirety of records be excluded from the record match results

Additional Year of Data for Demandbase Sourced Activities

Demandbase sourced activity data, like Intent and Site Analytics, are typically available for the last 13 months. However, some customers would like to see more historical data. This enhancement makes another year of Demandbase sourced activity data available, effectively making it 25 months of historical data. This release will enable an additional year of data for Site Analytics. Intent will follow in 2024.

To access 25 months of historical data for these activities in the platform, customers must submit a support ticket to Demandbase Support to make the additional data available in their tenant.

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