October 2023 Product Update

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New Features:

ABX - Enhanced Engagement Chart by Activities

See which activities are driving the most engagement with our update to the Engagement trend chart. We’ve updated the Engagement chart to now show total Engagement Minutes by activity type. Clicking on a specific activity type updates the graph to only show that activity type so you can see engagement for a specific time period. This enhancement helps marketers clearly see performance of each activity type to:

  • See which activities are driving the most engagement
  • Plan and optimize future campaigns

RN_Eng Min Trend.png

Customers can continue to use the Group by functionality to view any activity field they want as a stacked chart. There is now a toggle button to allow you to view the chart as a single line or stacked line chart.

RN_Eng Min Trend Group By.png

See Understanding the Engagement Minute Trend Chart.

Intellimize Integration

Shared customers of Intellimize and Demandbase can now use firmographic attributes to build custom audiences that deliver personalized experiences. This integration enables marketers to deliver dynamic website experiences across the buyer’s journey. For example, customers can target specific accounts, or groups of accounts based on company size, industry, revenue, and more, to show a dedicated experience on their website.

Using the Demandbase Intellimize integration, you can:

  • Target specific visitors with specific content on your site, using Demandbase’s rich company-level information and Intellimize's machine learning.
  • Create “no-code” secure Account-Focused Microsites to accelerate opportunities through to close.
  • Deliver unique personalized account experiences across your website, landing pages, and content to better educate buyers in your target accounts.
  • Drive up sell, cross sell, special offers and deliver product updates, best practices, and other sensitive account updates with CS Microsites.

See Set Up Intellimize with Demandbase.

Enterprise User Management - Miscellaneous Enhancements

As part of Enterprise User Management, we’ve added the following additional controls for admins to manage users in the platform:

  • Ability to customize departments to more closely match how your company is organized. A new Department page is visible under User Management in settings that allows you to create new/edit department names. See Create and Manage Departments.
  • Email validation checks for any format issues to prevent incorrect email addresses from getting added.
  • Ability to filter the list of users using department, permission sets, assigned views, and workspaces (if assigned).

Product Changes:

Enhanced Integration Experience (Data Sync)

Experience a more straightforward and user-friendly experience when dealing with data synchronization details in settings. With this update, users now see a simplified layout when viewing the data synchronization settings page, along with reliable load times to reference.

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