September 2023 Product Update

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New Features:

Journey Compare Mode

Journey Compare Mode gives you more detailed insights for relevant account lists and accounts on the Journey Analytics page. It allows you to compare up to three different account lists across the same time period or different time periods within the same journey stage view. Adding the comparison functionality to Journey Analytics has many advantages, including:

  • Easily compare metrics like volume, velocity and conversion for each account list at each stage in the journey  
  • More customizable date ranges 
  • Ability to apply filters to your lists for more granular analysis
  • Ability to take action at the stage level from the account table
  • Addition of revenue, pipeline, opportunity to close win rates and average deal size KPI cards.

Important: With the release of this functionality, we have moved all use cases from the Journeys Dashboard page to Journey Analytics and will retire the Journeys Dashboard page to reduce the confusion of having two journey pages.

See Understanding the Journeys Summary Page.

TechTarget Workflow

Prospect level intent is now available for existing TechTarget and Demandbase customers. Through TechTarget’s Priority Engine, sales and marketing teams get access to the exact buying group members at accounts who are doing research in your market each week. This information is shared with Demandbase through existing MAS and CRM integrations to help generate prospect lists in Demandbase, based on segmentation Demandbase customers already use today, like:

  • Demandbase Journey Stages
  • Engagement Minutes scores
  • Journey Stage qualification

The powerful combination of Priority Engine and Demandbase One provides customers with confidence that they’re targeting the right buying group members and activating them in existing workflows and orchestration provided by Demandbase.

See Use Demandbase with TechTarget.

Demandbase Hosted SFTP Support for Data Stream

Demandbase now supports Hosted SFTP server support as part of our data delivery options. Some customers, especially those in more tenured industries like finance, may have a preference or requirement for SFTP data delivery and can now take advantage of this new delivery method.

See Understanding Data Stream.

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