December 2022 Product Update

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New Features:

ABX Cloud - Self-Serve Site Customization

Self-serve Site Customization allows customers to publish personalized website experiences themselves. Users no longer need to rely on Demandbase support to push an experience live. The process to create a personalized experience remains the same but when the user clicks Activate, the experience will automatically publish in most cases between 10 min - 1 hour, but could take up to 24 hours depending on the complexity of the experience. 

Self-serve Site Customization benefits the user by giving them more control over their site-customization experiences, allowing them to publish more experiences frequently.

See Create a Customized Site Experience

ABX Cloud - Account-Based Intent and Geolocation on Page Visits in Snapshot Emails

Account-Based Intent is now available in the Accounts with Highest Intent snapshot section (previously the Top Intent Keywords section). Accounts showing high levels of intent will be presented, making it easy to develop relevant messaging that will increase your odds of landing opportunities and edging out your competition.


Geolocation of pages visited on your website by unknown visitors is now available. This allows users to see which potential buyers are engaging with your company, understand what they’re interested in, and then reach out to them at the right time with the right message.

To view the geolocation associated with page visits, click the See all with locations link at the bottom of the Web Traffic snapshot section. Clicking the link takes you directly to the Activities table on the Engagement tab.

See Understanding Snapshots, Slack Alerts, Reports, and Subscriptions.

Unified iFrame in Microsoft Dynamics

Sales Intelligence Cloud for Microsoft Dynamics is now unified with our native Dynamics integration with ABX Cloud.

You can now add the Demandbase native app (iFrame) on their Account, Contact, Lead & Opportunity objects in Dynamics, allowing you to view your engagement and analytics data from the ABX directly in the Dynamics app along with the 3rd party data from Sales Intelligence Cloud.


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