November 2022 Product Update

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New Features:

ABX Cloud - Native Integrations for Microsoft Dynamics CRM and HubSpot CRM

Customers can now sync their Microsoft Dynamics or HubSpot CRM data through a native 2-way integration with Demandbase, allowing them to ingest their CRM data into ABX Cloud, and write back valuable Demandbase provided data to act on in their own CRM instance.

Data from these CRMs will be available in the Database, Selectors, fields, tables, and relevant drop-down lists in the platform. The integrations enable a variety of rich workflows for customers to enhance their analytics, derive valuable insights, target more efficiently, and build reporting that aligns with their own CRM data set and their GTM needs.

For more information, see our Microsoft Dynamics CRM and HubSpot CRM integration articles.

ABX Cloud - Intent by Geolocation Beta

Intent by geolocation is now available as a dedicated activity type for a given company and automatically available for existing and new keyword sets. You can configure intent by geolocation in Engagement Minutes to align with your regional based GTM strategies.  

Intent by geolocation makes it easy for users to understand the geographic breakdown of intent from a given account or list of accounts. Use the heatmap to view the engagement for an identified account based on census region, census division, or country. You can also apply the activity filter when viewing the Site Analytics page to look for accounts with geo keyword intent activity that have also visited your website.

See Set Up and Use Intent by Geolocation.

Important: This feature is in open beta and available to all customers. See Demandbase Alpha and Beta Release Process for more information.

ABX Cloud - Account ID Free Edition (Available December 1)

Account ID Free Edition is our new, free website visitor tracking tool that makes identifying unknown visitors accessible for small and mid-size companies. 

Demandbase combines your 1st-party data with our 3rd-party data to reveal up to 8 firmographic details about your website visitors. These attributes are appended to every visit and are accessible within your Google Analytics account.

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