October 2022 Product Update

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New Features:

Advertising Cloud - People Based Advertising: Personas

You may now select job levels, job functions, and personas within each advertising campaign. The personas you specify will be prioritized when identified during the campaign. Additional reporting is also available at the job level and job function level. The addition to people based optimization within each campaign will increase campaign performance, as this maximizes the chances your campaign spend will go towards the correct individuals. Combined with intent based optimization, there’s never been a better time to reach the buyer groups in the most economical way possible.

See People-Based Advertising.

Advertising Cloud - Domain Reporting

On the advertising campaign dashboard(s), you may now switch between accounts and domains. Accounts represent the accounts within your account list being targeted on the campaign. Domains represent the data point Demandbase uses to classify the account. In most cases, the account and domain will be the same. However, in some cases, multiple accounts may roll up to the same domain. This additional reporting option will give you the flexibility to view data from each perspective.

See How Demandbase Targets Accounts Using Domains.

ABX Cloud - Enhanced Home Experience

Enhanced home experience is a simplified version of the home dashboard to show only the data and insights customers care about. By reducing the amount of information on the dashboard to the most relevant information, sales and marketing can get to the insights they need faster and more easily take action. The following sections have been re-designed to showcase use cases and insights most important to our customers:

  • Intent
  • Site Analytics
  • Net new accounts
  • Ad campaigns

See Understanding the Account List Dashboard and Account Dashboard.


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