Demandbase Data Solution - Additional Terms

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“Demandbase Data Solution” in this paragraph means Demandbase’s data solutions such as Sales Intelligence Cloud and Data Cloud services; “Demandbase Data” means proprietary account, firmographic, technographic or other data, content and insights provided by Demandbase to Customer in connection with the Demandbase Data Solution. Customer agrees it: (a) will comply with all applicable Laws in its use of Demandbase Data and (b) will not use such Demandbase Data to evaluate with respect to any consumer: (i) creditworthiness, (ii) a financial, insurance or employment decision or (iii) eligibility for any government-granted license or benefit. Demandbase provides updates to Demandbase Data only if specified in the Documentation or applicable Order. The Demandbase Data Solution may permit Users to submit User Data Validations which may be used as feedback by Demandbase without restriction or obligation.  (User Data Validations means input flags or other indications provided by Users through the Demandbase Data Solutions to suggest potential inaccuracies in Demandbase Data.) Demandbase makes no warranty as to the completeness, accuracy or content of any Demandbase Data.

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