FAQs: Adobe Launch Extension

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Can I use Adobe Launch and DTM at the same time?

Not according to Adobe. You can use either one but not both for Analytics or for Demandbase.

Can I use more than 5 eVars?

Not at this time but we’re always looking for feedback, tell us more!

Does this extension use a synchronous (blocking) API call?

No, it is all asynchronous. That’s actually why we have a timeout, so if the data isn’t ready you’re still firing the page view call.

Does this integration have a corresponding Data Connector?

No, unlike previous integrations, this integration does not have a Data Connector. Adobe has paused their Data Connector program and is not developing new 3rd party connectors. For this reason, you may not be able to generate classification rules automatically and will have to do it manually. We are still investigating alternative methods.

My current integration with the Data Connectors (Demandbase v3) doesn't have a timeout. Can I do the same here?

Not quite. While the current integration doesn’t leverage a timeout, it actually has a natural waiting mechanism. You’re asked to fire Demandbase Tags in the head or top of the body while your Adobe pixel should fire in the footer. This placement between the tags is causing a natural delay on your Adobe page view because you’re firing Demandbase right away to collect data while your page view happens at the bottom of the page after some time has passed.

Drawbacks with using a natural waiting mechanism without a timeout:

  • Your website loads at different times with different speeds depending on the visitors. This renders the delay unpredictable and unreliable.
  • Deployment is tricky and requires many iterations. Firing Demandbase at the top means more tags that fire in the top than you might like. Firing Adobe in the bottom doesn’t guarantee you’ll have Demandbase ready in time still.
  • There is no control over how much data you collect. It’s all based on the organic timing and load times of your website.

Where is the code hosted?

All the code is hosted on Adobe Launch. We only serve our IP API.

Why does this extension require a timeout?

This is somewhat by design on Adobe’s end. Adobe Analytics has no architecture for real-time 3rd party data to be collected long after a page view has already happened. This means any dynamic data that relies on 3rd party data must use some sort of waiting mechanism to collect the data before proceeding with a page view.

This method is preferred over previous integrations because it lets the customer decide how much data they want to collect. The longer the timeout the more data is collected. It standardizes the approach and data collection to be more predictable rather than constantly testing in your staging environments to see what kind of deployment works best and how to place the tags just right in relation to Adobe.

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