Using the Advertising Media Planning Template (Video)

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Watch the video below to see how the Advertising Media Planning Template can help you not just for planning ad campaigns, but also as a central guide throughout the strategic advertising lifecycle.

The Planning Template has built-in dynamic capabilities to calculate estimated number of impressions and spend per account based on the parameters of your ad campaign. The guide helps you with adjusting your campaigns so that they align with known best practices for maximizing the impact of your ad media. The video also covers how you can make the template a guide for:

  • Scheduling run dates
  • Organizing your ad creatives
  • Tracking your campaigns
  • Collaboration with other stakeholders

You can obtain the Planning Template from your contacts at Demandbase.

Video duration: 4:25

See also the Planning a Campaign with the Advertising Cloud Playbook article for how to strategize as you prepare to launch ad media.


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