Understanding Domain Mapping of Leads to Accounts

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Demandbase generates insights to your accounts by calculating metrics and running smart analytics on ABM-related activities of the leads from these accounts. To capture and align these activities with the correct account, Demandbase strives to obtain the network domain associated with each account's website. When Demandbase maps a lead to the correct domain, you get a more unified picture of how the account performs in ABX and can better strategize your marketing and sales efforts.

Demandbase sometimes doesn’t map a lead from CRM correctly or can’t map the person to a domain at all. The mismatch (or no match at all) can stem from unclear data for a variety of reasons including:

  • Faulty or absent domain information in the lead’s record. For example, the email address associated with the lead isn’t the true work email address, or the email information isn’t available. 
  • The email domain associated with the lead changes but the account record doesn’t get updated. This could happen if a company changes name (by acquisition or other reason).
  • Your account records contain disparate data about what domain to track for a lead–whether from CRM, uploaded CSV files, or MAS. If a lead is associated with a domain that’s aligned with more than one account, Demandbase normally places the person with the account that has the most contacts. 

To learn more about how Demandbase matches leads to accounts, see Understanding Lead to Account Matching.

Important: The Account Domain Report in Settings_icon_cogwheel.png Settings allows you to view, add, and delete the domains that are associated with accounts. See Account Domain Report.

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