August 2022 Product Update

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New Features:

Slack Alerts for Known Visitors

Our Slack Integration has just been upgraded! If your organization has a marketing automation system (MAS) connected to Demandbase, we will now include the name(s) of the known web visitors associated with the website traffic. The majority of website traffic is unknown, however when your MAS has a first-party cookie associated with a visitor, each Slack alert will provide the name of the person associated with the MAS record(s). Sellers will know exactly who is behind the web visit, making it easier for them to take action.

See Create or Customize Slack Alerts.

Product Changes:

ABX Cloud - Simplified Journey Analytics 

We’re updating how we define the metrics of Volume, Velocity and Conversion in Journey Analytics to make the metrics easier to understand for our customers. The metrics have been updated to reflect unique accounts instead of number of transitions. Here are the new definitions for each metric:

  • Volume: The number of accounts that had at least one forward transition into that Journey stage for the selected time period.
  • Velocity: The average amount of time accounts spent in each stage. The amount of time an account spent in each stage is calculated as the most recent transition into that stage, and the latest transition out of that stage.
  • Conversion: The percentage of accounts that entered that stage in the selected time period, and moved to a forward stage.

Simplified Journey Analytics will be reflected in the summary charts within Journey Analytics and on the Journey Dashboard. Additionally, this feature will only be available to customers who have fully migrated to Analytics Server 2.0.

See Understanding the Journey Summary.

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