Integrate Optimizely with Demandbase

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Demandbase customers can integrate with Optimizely to create targeted B2B audiences for delivering personalized content to the companies they care about the most. Demandbase allows you to do this on the very first visit to your website, before these companies have identified themselves to you. 

Using the Demandbase Optimizely integration, you can:

  • Quickly build B2B audiences in Optimizely using 1st and 3rd party data from Demandbase.
  • Engage key audiences with targeted messaging.
  • Test and validate personalization.


You must have a paid Optimizely license.

You must have Admin privileges in Demandbase.


  1. Use the Demandbase Account Connector to set up the Optimizely integration. For instructions, see Set Up Demandbase to Send Data to an Integration: Account Connector.
    Important: Any account-level field you can select in the Account Connector can be sent to Optimizely through the integration.
    • The fields that you select when setting up the Account Connector can be added to the audiences you create in Optimizely.
    • Any segments and calculated fields you created in Demandbase can be selected when setting up the Account Connector.
  2. Follow the instructions from the Optimizely documentation to continue setting up the integration.
    If you have issues setting up the integration, contact your Optimizely CSM.

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