Demandbase Server Upgrade

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What is the New Platform Infrastructure?

Analytics Server 2.0 (AS 2.0), is an upgraded platform infrastructure for Demandbase One that supports larger data volume by processing and loading data in batches nightly. Your data remains the same and product functionality largely remains unchanged. 

What is the Benefit to You?

In general, you should expect to see improved overall platform performance (5-10x faster load times) and reliability. In addition, new product features will be built on top of AS 2.0 so you will have access to the latest and greatest features as they get released.

This updated infrastructure also allows Demandbase teams to have a higher velocity of feature development and issue resolution.

Customer Impact

There are a couple of notable product differences to be aware of:

  • In general, data in AS 2.0 is updated once a day versus AS 1.0, where data updates may have happened more frequently.
    • Newly created data objects and updates to existing data objects as of 3:00 pm PT will be processed as part of that night’s batch process and available in Demandbase One the following day by 6:00 am PT.
  • Engagement Minute configurations in AS 2.0 take one nightly batch process to go into effect (on average a 24 hour latency).

See Understanding Demandbase Data Availability for more information.

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