Best Practices for Customizing the Account Journey

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Journey Stages need to align with the contours of your company’s particular marketing > sales > post-sales funnel. Consequently, when you implement Demandbase you’ll probably want to customize the Stages that come out-of-the-box and even add a few Stages as well. Be sure to adjust Journey Stages as changes in your product, commerce space, and marketing/sales goals warrant. See Edit and Publish Account Journey Stages for the steps on how to use the Account Journey Builder.

Consider the following best practices as you design and implement an Account Journey:

Don’t create Stages that gauge every possible account transition in the Journey. Only create Stages that capture meaningful ABM insights to your accounts or that provide a snapshot of account status in the Journey funnel.

Don't create Journey Stages that mirror the Opportunity Stages of your CRM. Replicating the number and depth of detail in Opportunity Stages can make account progression through the Demandbase Journey difficult to interpret.

Ensure that each account that progresses through the MQA Stage includes at least a couple identified contacts and leads. We recommend that for the MQA Stage you include the condition that at least two known People with at least 20 Marketing Engagement Minutes are identified. So if you’re configuring the MQA Stage in Demandbase out-of-the box, the Advanced Selector should contain this logic:


By configuring the MQA Stage with this additional condition, your Sales team can reach out to known points of contact in qualified accounts.

Include a Journey Stage between MQA and Opportunity. This stage should reflect sales development representative (SDR) activity that helps convert an account from the MQA Stage to the Opportunity Stage.

Extend the funnel of a Journey to include Stages after the Customer Stage. These extra Stages can optimize the ABM benefits of the Demandbase platform, such as helping with retention of existing customers and up-sell.

Create an Account List or a Segment for each business unit if you want to compare Journey progression of one unit to another.

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