People-Based Advertising: Known Contacts

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People-based advertising prioritizes individual people associated with the Account List who have been identified by their email address. If a person is a match to the people-based targeting, the bidder prioritizes the impression to them even if we haven’t identified them as demonstrating Intent. You can use this optional feature when you build a campaign with self-serve Advertising.

Important: A prerequisite to enabling people-based advertising is a Person List that contains the Contacts and Leads who you want to reach, which Advertising Cloud refers to as Known Contacts. The Person List is created in the People Database of Demandbase. See Create Person Lists for People-Based Advertising.

We recommend creating a separate Person List for each campaign that runs with Known Contacts advertising. While the Person List associated with a campaign can’t be changed or removed after a campaign is published, you can change the Selector criteria for the list at any time. With a separate Person List for each campaign, you’ll have the capability to change the criteria for targeted Known Contacts of a campaign without inadvertently changing the targeting criteria of other campaigns that don’t need the modification.

Enable Targeting to Known Contacts

Activate people-based advertising when you build or edit a campaign with the Campaign Builder in Advertising Cloud.



1. In Step 4: Strategy of the Campaign Builder, click the + sign by Contacts you already know.


2. Use the Select a person list drop-down menu to choose the Person List that you want to target.



After the campaign is launched, we’ll prioritize delivering your ads to the people on the Account List who are in the Person List you selected. See Analyze People-Based Advertising Campaign Results for how to review the campaign performance.

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