Enable Ad Targeting to Known Contacts

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If you want to target an ad campaign to specific Contacts and Leads in your Account List, you can set up people-based advertising for Known Contacts. A Known Contact has a record in the People Database of Demandbase, which must include the individual’s email address.

We recommend creating a separate Person List for each campaign that runs with Known Contacts advertising. While the Person List associated with a campaign can’t be changed or removed after a campaign is published, you can change the Selector criteria for the list at any time. With a separate Person List for each campaign, you’ll have the capability to change the criteria for targeted Known Contacts of a campaign without inadvertently changing the targeting criteria of other campaigns that don’t need the modification.


  • In order to view campaign results broken down by Known Contacts, you must complete the steps below. All people-based targeting features are optional for a campaign when you build or edit a campaign with the Campaign Builder in Demandbase Advertising. However, unlike job level, job function, and persona ad performance results, Known Contacts reporting is contingent on manual setup in Step 4: Strategy of the Campaign Builder.
  • You can’t change or enable Known Contacts targeting attributes of a campaign after you publish it. 


Access to a Person List with at least 100 Known Contacts. See Create Person Lists for People-Based Advertising

Completion of Step 1: Identify Campaign through Step 3: Location of the Campaign Builder. See Build an Advertising Campaign for details.

Access to Demandbase Advertising, with self-serve functionality enabled.


  1. In Step 4: Strategy of the Campaign Builder, click the + sign by Contacts you already know.Campaign_Builder_step_4_select_%2B_for_feature.png
  2. Use the Select a person list drop-down list to choose the Person List that you want to target.Select_Person_List_dropdown_menu.png


After the campaign is launched, we’ll prioritize delivering your ads to the people on the Account List who are in the Person List you selected. See Analyze People-Based Advertising Campaign Results for how to review the campaign performance.

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