Ad Campaign and Creative Change History

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In the course of running campaigns with Demandbase Advertising as a team, you might need to see how campaigns evolved. Or you might need to know who introduced a change so that you can contact them to find out why they performed the action. For these use cases and others, the Advertising solution records changes to campaigns and display creatives in a chronological log. If the Change History page is enabled in your Advertising implementation, the log of changes show:

  • Name of each changed campaign, Ad Group, or ungrouped creative
  • Description of the change made to campaigns and ad creatives
  • Who made the change
  • When the change was made
  • For campaigns: the launch date

Click Change History in Advertising to access the history log.

Change History.png

When you are on the Change History page, select the tab for the type of entry that you want to see (Campaigns, Ad Groups, or Ungrouped Creatives). You can pare down the list of campaigns by using one of the filters above the table. Clicking the More button shows results for specific types of changes that are relevant to the tab that’s selected. For example, if you’ve selected the Ad Groups tab, the More options include Creatives added/removed and Tags added/removed.


Hover over the Change Description information in a row of the table to be able to open the section of Advertising where you can edit the change. You need to hover on the Change Description until a hyperlink icon is visible–click on it to open the editable part of the campaign, Ad Group, or ungrouped creative.


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