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You need to select the creatives that are right for your ad campaign in Step 5: Creatives of the Campaign Builder. But first you need to decide whether you want to use creatives, if any, that are already stored on the Demandbase server. If you haven't already uploaded the creatives that you want to use, learn more about the upload process here: Upload Display Creatives. Then after you, your Advertising Campaign Strategist, or your Customer Success Manager uploads the creatives and landing page URLs that you want to use, follow the steps below to publish the ad assets.

You can opt to fine-tune your ad impressions of a campaign with multiple creatives by using the Targeting type drop-down list. Targeting type enables some control over which creative appears in the first ad impression displayed to targeted accounts, and which creatives appear if and when the accounts receive your ad later. Targeting type settings are:

  • All:  Enables display of the creative to any users who match the Standard or User retargeting definitions. This is the default setting for a selected creative.
  • Standard: Directs the campaign to display this creative only to users who haven’t yet visited your website. If you have multiple Standard creatives, they rotate evenly.
  • User retargeting: Directs the campaign to display the creative only when a user previously visited your website and received a retargeting pixel. If you have multiple User retargeting creatives, they rotate evenly.

Finally, after you’ve primed the ad assets for your campaign, you can submit the whole campaign to go live.


The creatives for the campaign must be uploaded to the Demandbase server.

Steps 1 to 5 in the progress bar on top of the Campaign Builder window are checkmarked (not marked with an exclamation point for correction).


  1. Select the creatives that you want to run in the campaign. The drop-down list can be set to either Ad Groups or Ungrouped creatives because you can choose creatives in either form.
  2. (Optional) Use the Targeting type drop-down list to set some parameters for the order of creatives displayed when an account visits your website more than once. 
  3. Click Publish.


The campaign is in Pending state until the date specified in Step 2 of the Campaign Builder, when the status changes to Active because the campaign has launched.

Once your ad is published, the AdChoices icon link will be placed at the top right of the ad. The AdChoices link is there to provide consumers with information and choices about how and when data is collected or used to serve ads targeted to them based on their likely interests. For more information, see this documentation: Here is an example of a screenshot with the AdChoices icon link:



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