Campaign Builder Step 5: Creatives

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In Step 5: Creatives of the Campaign Builder, you can add the right creatives for your campaign and submit the completed campaign to go live.

Important: The format of the creatives you can add depends on the campaign format selected in Step 2: Campaign details. For example if you selected native, you can only add native creatives to the campaign.  

Upload or Select Creatives

Step 5 of the Campaign Builder lets you upload new creatives for the specific campaign or select creatives uploaded previously to the Creative Library. 

To add new creatives, click + Upload Creatives to launch the creative uploader. For more information about uploading each creative format, see:

To use previously uploaded creatives, search for them in the table. Similar to the Creative Library, creatives are categorized as Ad Groups or ungrouped creatives. For more information about these creative categories, see Understanding the Creative Library, Ad Groups, and Ungrouped Creatives.

To filter for a category of creatives, use the drop-down list above the table. Additionally, you can filter for creatives by label or click the magnifying glass icon to perform a search.

The options in the drop-down list are based on the campaign format selected in Step 2: Campaign details.

Step 5 Creative Filter Native.png

  • For a display campaign, the options available are Ad Groups and Ungrouped creatives.
  • For a native campaign, the options available are Native Ad Groups and Native Ungrouped creatives.
  • For a web video or connected TV campaign, the options available are Video Ad Groups and Video Ungrouped creatives.

Targeting Type

You can fine-tune your ad impressions of a campaign with multiple creatives by selecting a targeting type. Targeting type enables some control over which creative appears in the first ad impression displayed to targeted accounts, and which creatives appear if and when the accounts receive your ad later. 

The options for targeting type include:

  • All (default option): Enables display of the creative to any users who match the Standard or User retargeting definitions. 
  • Standard: Directs the campaign to display this creative only to users who haven’t yet visited your website. If you have multiple Standard creatives, they rotate evenly.
  • User retargeting: Directs the campaign to display the creative only when a user previously visited your website and received a retargeting pixel. If you have multiple User retargeting creatives, they rotate evenly.


You must have access to Demandbase Advertising.

To publish a campaign, you must complete all five steps of the Campaign Builder and none of the steps can appear in red with an exclamation mark instead of a checkmark.


  1. Create a new campaign or choose a campaign you want to edit. See Build an Advertising Campaign or Edit and Manage Campaigns.
  2. Go to Step 5: Creatives of the Campaign Builder.
  3. To upload new creatives for the campaign, click + Upload Creatives and follow the steps in the creative uploader.
    Important: The format of the creatives you can upload depends on the campaign format selected in Step 2: Campaign details.
  4. Select the checkboxes of the Ad Groups or ungrouped creatives for the campaign.
    Important: The format of the creatives available depends on the campaign format selected in Step 2: Campaign details.
  5. (Optional) Select an option from the drop-down list in the Targeting type column to set parameters for the order creatives display.
    Tip: You can’t set all creatives of a campaign to User Retargeting.
  6. Click Publish.
    Demandbase checks the campaign information and shows a pop-up notification with recommendations if there are issues.
  7. In the One last check before you launch window, review the summary of all campaign information you entered in the Campaign Builder and click Publish to schedule the campaign for launch.

Important: Once you publish a campaign, you can't change the account list. You're also responsible for all campaign spend associated with the campaign. If you’re not ready to launch the campaign, you can save it as a draft.


The campaign remains in Pending status until the date specified in Step 2 of the Campaign Builder, when the status changes to Active.

After you publish a campaign, there are two ways to know if a campaign is live:

  • Email: Shortly after a campaign has been launched, Demandbase sends an email to the campaign creator. 
  • Advertising reporting: When you review a campaign in Demandbase, a green dot appears next to the campaign name. A gray dot appears next to inactive campaigns. 

Additionally, all watches start receiving Campaign Insight emails after the campaign has been live for one week.


The AdChoices icon link appears in the upper right of your published ad. The AdChoices link provides consumers with information and choices about how and when advertisers collect and use data to serve ads targeted to them based on their likely interests. For more information, see the documentation at


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