Understanding the Journey Summary

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The Journeys page in the Analytics section gives you a summary of the accounts in each of your defined Journey Stages

To access the page, go to Analytics2.png Analytics > Journeys from the left navigation bar. After you select an account list, use the date range selector and quick filters at the top of the page to update the data shown. 

Use the Hidden Stages selector to include or exclude hidden Journey Stages.

Tip: Hidden Journey Stages have Show in Analytics toggled off in Settings_N.png Settings > Journey > Account Journey Builder.

Journey Summary


The Journey Summary includes the following sections:

  • Accounts: Shows the number and percentage of accounts in each stage on the last day of the selected date range.
  • Metrics by Stage: Shows the following metrics for each stage.
    • Volume: The number of accounts that entered that stage in the selected time period. This includes forward stage transitions only, and will not count accounts that skipped that stage.
    • Velocity: The average number of days accounts spent in that stage before moving to a forward stage in the selected time period. This will not count accounts that skipped that stage.
    • Conversion: The percentage of accounts that entered that stage in the selected time period, and moved to a forward stage. For further information about Journey Conversion, see Understanding the Journey Conversion Dashboard.

Tip: Click on a stage under a metric to go to the corresponding Volume, Velocity, or Conversion page.

All Accounts Table


The All Accounts table shows the accounts in the account list you selected. When you select one or more stages in the Accounts by Stage section, the table updates to show the accounts in those stages.

The table includes the following columns by default:

  • Account Name
  • Industry
  • Employees
  • Billing State/Province
  • Number or Persons
  • Engaged People
  • Days in Journey Stage

If you find accounts that you want to take action on based on their current Journey Stage, select the Account Name checkboxes and click Take Action. The right Take Action section appears and shows the available actions. See Taking Action with Accounts and People.


  • To add, remove, or reorder the columns in the table, click Edit Columns.
  • To export the list in CSV format, click Export.

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