December 2021 Product Update

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ABX Cloud - Improved Static List Experience

A new, simpler experience has been designed for creating static lists in Demandbase One. The new experience allows you to add accounts, leveraging Basic or Advanced selectors. Once you’ve determined your Selector criteria, you can decide which accounts to add to your list. 

You can also add or remove accounts with an existing static list or take action on specific accounts.

Create a Static Account List




ABX Cloud - Predictive Model Setup Screen

We’ve released a new Pipeline Predict setup screen. You now have access to a “Score Checklist.” This new tool will take all of your inputted information on Past Opportunities and Engagement Activities and tell you how many accounts with qualified opportunities and preceding engagement are found. This ensures your model has enough data to train and apply a meaningful score to all accounts.

Understanding Pipeline Predict Scores

Set Up Pipeline Predict Scores


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