November 2021 Product Update

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ABX Cloud - New Orchestration Destinations

Demandbase customers can now use Selectors and all of the data Demandbase has access to (1st party, 3rd party, intent, activities, etc.) to define an audience in Demandbase and send that audience to additional destinations (Twitter, Facebook/Instagram, Adobe, Bing, and soon to include Google/Youtube), allowing your target accounts to have a consistent experience across ad networks and other platforms.

Audience Destinations

Add Ad Network Destinations for Audiences

ABX Cloud - Basic Selectors for People and Opportunities

This release of Basic Selectors makes the easy-to-use interface available for creating People and Opportunity lists, filters and reports. 

As a reminder, Basic Selectors is a simple point-and-click interface for segmenting Accounts, Activities and now People and Opportunities as well. It helps you understand which Selectors are available, and commonly used. A summary section allows you to see all of the selections you’ve made.

Segment Accounts, People, Opportunities, and Activities Using Basic Selectors

Sales Intel Cloud - Find Contacts Across the Family Tree

You can now search for contacts across family trees in InsideView Insights. This will help with cross-selling opportunities or if you're not entirely sure where a contact is employed within the corporate hierarchy.

To learn more about finding contacts across the family tree, click this link and then click October 02, 2021 (v193).

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