October 2021 Product Update

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ABX Cloud - G2 Integration 

Demandbase now offers the ability to harness anonymous, offsite buying intent behaviors such as product and competitor reviews at every stage of the account journey to power marketing and sales growth. Demandbase has partnered with G2 to provide product review intent directly in Demandbase One, improving joint customers’ ability to track all buying signals and ensure that they never miss a deal cycle or competitive intent shown by customers.

Set Up Intent for G2 Integration

ABX Cloud - Permission Sets (available end of December)

Permission Sets allow Admins to configure Access and Edit permissions for different areas within the Demandbase One Engagement Platform, based on left navigation items and sub-sections within each of those navigation areas. This allows Administrators to have more control over which areas of the product different users can access or edit. 

This is a key feature for all B2B companies but in particular, Enterprise businesses, who want to limit access within different areas of the platform.

Understanding Permission Sets

Work with Permission Sets


ABX Cloud - Calculated Fields for Disconnected Mode 

This feature allows customers who have not integrated their Salesforce instance with Demandbase One to be able to see calculated fields (formerly custom fields) in Demandbase One. Calculated fields are custom Demandbase fields that involve a time range calculation in order to return a value. For example, one of the calculated fields is Engagement Minutes (1 mo.). This calculates the engagement minutes on the account for a 1 month time period and returns the value of that in a calculated field. Another example is Campaign Response Count (1 yr). This field is a count of activities related to a campaign for a time period of 1 year.

Calculated fields are accessible throughout the platform not only to view in tables but available for selectors to power features in the database, analytics, campaigns and orchestration.

Create Demandbase Calculated Fields for Disconnected Mode

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