Integrate Outreach with Demandbase

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The Outreach integration allows users to assign and run Outreach Sequences directly from Demandbase. See Take Action: Outreach Sequences for more information. 


You must have Administrative privileges in Demandbase and Outreach. 

Steps: Outreach API Setup

  1. In Outreach, go to System Settings > Integrations > Your Apps (Beta.) Click Create App. See the How to Access Outreach APIs article in Outreach for more information. 
  2. Enter a unique App name. We recommend using Your Company Name + Demandbase. The App Identifier section populates automatically. Click Create
  3. From the left navigation bar, go to API Access (OAuth.)
  4. Toggle on Turn on the Outreach API access
  5. Make sure the Development Client tab is selected.
  6. Copy the Client ID and Client Secret for Steps: Demandbase Setup
  7. Go to Redirect URLs and click Add new URL. In the box, enter

  8. Go to Scope and select the following scopes:
    • accounts.all
    • mailboxes.all
    • prospects.all
    • sequences.all
    • sequenceStates.all
    • users.all
  9. Click Save.
    Important: You must copy the Client ID and Client Secret before saving.

Steps: Demandbase Setup

  1. From the left navigation bar, go to Settings_N.png Settings > Integrated Systems > Integration.
  2. Click Create Data Source and select Outreach.
  3. Enter the Client Id and Client Secret you copied from the previous step, Steps: Outreach API Setup.
  4. (Optional) Toggle on Automatically create people to create new people in Outreach when new people are added to a Sequence. If this option is toggled off, only Leads and Contacts already in Outreach are added to a Sequence.
  5. Click Save.


You can use the Outreach Take Action feature in Demandbase to add or remove people from Sequences.

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