Add Constraints to Activity Selector Criteria

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When you add Selector criteria to filter by activity, you can add constraints relevant to the activity type you selected. Adding constraints allows you to narrow down the activity that qualifies for the Selector logic. For example, if you add criteria to find accounts with form submissions in the past three months, you can add constraints for Client IP, Query Parameters, Referrer URL, Web Page, and Activity Date.



Read Working with Selectors.


  1. Add the activity criteria you want to filter by to your Selector.
  2. Click Add constraints to show the constraints available. The constraints available depend on the activity criteria added.
  3. Select the constraints to add.
  4. Define the criteria for the constraints and click Save to save the Selector.


When the Selector finishes processing, review the accounts that meet the activity criteria and constraints added.

Tip: You can add columns to Activity tables to get a broader view of activity data across target accounts. To add columns, click Edit Columns at the bottom of an Activity table, select the columns, and click Apply.

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