Use the Engagement Minute Trend Chart

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On the Engagement page in Analytics, the Engagement Minute Trend chart shows Engagement Minutes over a specific date range. You can view total Engagement Minutes or Engagement Minutes grouped by relevant Demandbase fields. Engagement Minutes are grouped by activity type by default. You can select other relevant fields to gain additional insights.


To see engagement data in the chart, activities must have a score assigned in Engagement Minute settings. See Set Up Engagement Minutes for Activities for more information. 


  1. From the left navigation bar, go to Analytics2.png Analytics > Engagement and select an account list.
  2. Use the date range selectors to change the date range. The default date is determined by your assigned user view.
  3. Change the time period to view Engagement Minutes by days, weeks, or months. 
  4. Use quick filters to narrow down the accounts included in the chart.
  5. Hover over the trend line to view the total Engagement Minutes, top activities, and top accounts at a specific point in time.
  6. Click Group and select a relevant Demandbase field from the drop-down list to see Engagement Minutes grouped by that field.

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