September 2021 Product Update

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Advertising Cloud - Single Campaign Overview Page

Within the Advertising Cloud, every campaign now has its own standalone performance page. Although Demandbase has always allowed you to select the campaigns that power the summary performance data, you may now click on each campaign to review the individual performance. These new pages allow quick-access to the performance of any given campaign. On-going campaign management is also earlier, as there’s an additional Details tab where you can access the five-step campaign setup process to make changes.

Campaign Reporting on the Advertising Cloud Dashboard Page


Advertising Cloud - Inclusion/Exclusion Page Filters

Within the Advertising Cloud, you can now define inclusion/exclusion web page filters. These additional filters are under the More tab on the top right of the Campaigns page. When you apply an inclusion and/or exclusion filter, Advertising Cloud updates the Lifted, New Accounts On Site, and Visited metrics. You can also save these filters for future reference. This enhancement allows you to see reporting specific to the parts of your website you care most about. A typical example is to exclude page-level visits to career-related pages when reviewing campaign performance.

Include or Exclude Web Pages in Campaign Reporting


Data Cloud - Trending Skills 

As part of the Data Cloud Technographic solutions, we are announcing the availability of Trending Skills. Trending Skills aims at understanding the changes in the tech stack of an account in the recent and previous quarters.

It gives organizations insight into an account’s overall approach to tech architecture, with insight into potential future investments in technology or movements away from technology.

Understanding Technographic Data

ABX Cloud - Basic Selectors for Activity Filters and Reports 

This release of Basic Selectors makes the easy-to-use interface available for creating Activity filters and reports. 

As a reminder, Basic Selectors is a simple point-and-click interface for segmenting accounts and activities, like firmographics, intent, and website engagement to name a few. It also helps you understand which Selectors are available and commonly used. 

Segment Accounts with Basic Selectors

ABX Cloud - Site Customization Dynamic Field 

Dynamic Field’s availability within Site Customization allows you to use your own data as part of your personalized content. This feature increases overall efficiency by minimizing the amount of experiences that you need and allowing you to update data fields outside Site Customization without having to update the actual experience(s). Overall, customers now have more flexibility on the product and an easy way to scale their process to build personalized experiences.

Create Dynamic Fields for Site Customization

In the Editor:


On your website:


ABX Cloud - Sandbox Tenant

To prevent mixing up your Sandbox and Production tenants, we provide two new UI elements that reduce confusion between them by making it more clear which one you’re in and preventing you from connecting to the wrong Salesforce instance. At Settings > My Profile > Tenant Switcher, we provide color-coded notches at the top of the tenant and pills next to each tenant. Orange is for Sandbox and blue is for Production.

For Marketing Automation integration set up, we added messaging in the setup flow to strongly recommend that you connect your Production and Sandbox tenants to your respective Production and Sandbox Marketing Automation instances.

Switching between ABX Cloud Sandbox and Production Tenants





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