Understanding Orchestration

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Demandbase Orchestration enables you to scale and coordinate your sales and marketing efforts across multiple third-party platforms. Using Demandbase’s Selectors, you can create and sync Audiences with qualified people or accounts to your integrated third-party platforms. You can also create Automations that let you automate actions on people or accounts that meet specific Selector logic to advance your target accounts in their journeys.

Orchestration is an add-on to the Demandbase One platform and includes Audiences and Automations. 


Using Automations in Orchestration, you can add actions to automate tasks such as adding qualified executives to marketing campaigns or creating Salesforce tasks for key sales follow-up activities. When you create an Automation, you can use Demandbase’s Selectors to select the people or accounts that you want to take action on and schedule how often you want the actions taken. See Understanding Automations.


Using Audiences in Orchestration, you can leverage Demandbase’s Selectors to create dynamic audiences consisting of people or accounts that update automatically based on your Selector logic. You can then add Destinations for the third-party platforms that you integrate with and schedule the Audiences to sync to selected custom audiences in each platform. See Understanding Audiences.

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