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In Demandbase Attribution, you can look at attribution for any journey stage defined in the account, opportunity, or person journey builders. However, we only pre-build fields for our key out-of-the-box stages (such as MQA, Opportunity Created, Closed Won, and MQL). If you have new custom stages, you must build an attribution field for them for each attribution model.

Demandbase supports industry standard attribution models, such as First Touch, Last Touch, Equal Touch, and Position Based (see Understanding Attribution > Five Approaches to Attribution.) We also support a Demandbase custom attribution model, Engagement Minutes Model, which is based on Demandbase engagement minute scoring.

For example, to view the full attribution details for a Meetings stage, create new attribution fields for the attribution details you want to track, such as FirstTouch, LastTouch, Equal, Position, and Minutes


  1. In Salesforce, go to Setup.
  2.  Click Object Manager > Attribution and click into MQAs (FT).
  3. Select and copy the formula included in the MQAs (FT).
  4. Go back to the Attribution object fields (Setup > Object Manager > Attribution) and create a new field:
    a. For Field type, select Formula from the Data Type list.
    b. For Output Type enter the Field Label (for example Meetings (FT)) and select Number as the Formula Return Type.

    c. For Enter Formula, go to Formula and paste the formula you copied above and change MQA to the name of your custom journey stage (for example, Meeting). (Notice this field will be for the FirstTouch attribution detail.)
    IF(ISPICKVAL( p2s_base1__CustomerPath__r.p2s_base1__ToLifecycleStage__c , “Meeting”), p2s_base1__FirstTouch__c ,0)
    PasteFormula.pngd. Click Save.

  5. Repeat for all remaining attribution model fields, such as EqualWeight, LastTouch, Minutes, and Position, by replacing the journey stage name:
    IF(ISPICKVAL( p2s_base1__CustomerPath__r.p2s_base1__ToLifecycleStage__c , “Meeting”), p2s_base1__LastTouch__c ,0)
    For example:


It takes about 24 hours for the new attribution fields to process.

You can use the new fields in any reports based on Attribution.

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