Set Qualification Rules for Automations

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You can set qualification rules for an Automation from the Scheduler tab. Qualification rules determine how many times an account or person can qualify for an Automation. For example, you may have an Automation that runs daily to add executives from target accounts with high Engagement Minutes to an Outreach Sequence. If you want each executive to be added to the sequence only once, you would set the qualification rules for the Automation to One time only.


Three options are available for qualification rules.

  • One time only: Allows accounts or people to qualify for an Automation only once.
  • Once every _ Hours/Days/Weeks/Months: Allows accounts or people to qualify for an Automation once within a specified time period. The time period indicates the number of hours, days, weeks, or months before an account or person can qualify again. For example, if you wanted to allow executives to be added to an Outreach Sequence once every three months, you can set this option to Once every 3 Months.
  • Every time: Allows accounts or people to qualify for an Automation each time it runs.


You must have Admin privileges or be assigned to a permission set with the required access to use Orchestration.

You have the Demandbase Orchestration solution.

You have created an Automation and defined the Selector criteria.


  1. From the left navigation bar, go to Orchestration_N.png Orchestration > Automations.
  2. Click the name of an Automation and click the Scheduler tab.
  3. In the Qualification Rules section, select one of the options. If you selected the Once every _ Hours/Days/Weeks/Months option, specify the time period between qualifications.


When the Automation runs, Demandbase identifies accounts or people that meet the Selector criteria and uses the qualification rules to determine the members that qualify.

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