Schedule a Batch Job in Salesforce

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Demandbase Attribution does most of its data processing, such as calculating attribution and journeys, based on a batch schedule in Salesforce.

There are multiple batch processes or Jobs that Demandbase Attribution executes.


  1. In Salesforce, go to the Demandbase Attribution App from the Apps drop-down list in the top left.
  2. Go to the Attribution Jobs tab.
  3. Click into the attribution job to schedule. 
  4. Select Hourly or Daily for the frequency. (We recommend Daily to avoid tying up your system.)
    Hourly: Select to run the job once an hour, on the hour.

    Daily: Select to run the job once a day. For Hours (0 - 23), select the time of day for the Daily schedule to execute. The numbers represent the hour expressed in military time, so 0 is midnight, 8 is 8AM and 18 is 6PM. You can set any number between 0 and 23.
  5. Toggle Activate the scheduler on.


The scheduler shows Enabled when it’s on and Disabled when it’s off.

  • Disabled: no scheduled Attribution batch jobs will be executed.
  • Enabled: Attribution schedules and runs batch jobs based on the frequency that you defined.

Next Steps

To run a batch job at any time (off schedule), click Run Now. When Attribution runs the job, a green banner pops up that says Completed.


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