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Demandbase Attribution creates Journey Summary records for Opportunities, Accounts, and People in Salesforce to calculate stage-by-stage conversion rates and velocities, among other metrics.

For each Journey that the job works on, Attribution:

  • Looks for a Journey Summary record associated with the same record.
  • If there is no existing Journey Summary record, creates one.
  • Adds the Transition DateTime data from the Journey to the mapped Journey Summary DateTime field.
  • Checks the Journey checkbox when the journey stage has been processed.

We’ll use an opportunity example below, but it works the same for Accounts and People.


  1. In Salesforce, go to the Demandbase Attribution application.
  2. On the Attribution Jobs tab.
  3. Click the Create/Update Journey Summary Records link.

For example, an Opportunity may have the following Journey records:

  • Opportunity transitioned to stage Closed Won on Datetime 3
  • Opportunity transitioned to stage Pipeline on Datetime 2
  • Opportunity Created into the stage Opportunity Created on Datetime 1



Demandbase Attribution adds Information from each of those Journeys to the Journey Summary record related to the Opportunity. If there isn't a Journey Summary record already, then the job creates one. For example, for an opportunity, Demandbase Attribution:

  • Creates Journey Summary record for the Opportunity (if one doesn't already exist)
  • Adds Datetime 1 into the Opportunity Created Datetime field on the Journey Summary
  • Adds Datetime 2 into the Pipeline Datetime field on the Journey Summary
  • Adds Datetime 3 into the Closed Won Datetime field on the Journey Summary

Here's what the new Journey Summary record looks like:


On the Opportunity, Demandbase Attribution displays:

  • The transitional Journey records for each stage of the Journey, 
  • A record that captures the timestamps of each of the stages on the Journey Summary record, and
  • A Journey checkbox for each Journey record to indicate whether this job has processed that stage or not.

On the Journeys records, Journey is now checked, meaning it’s processed.


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