Recalculate Velocity and Conversion Metrics and Rerun the Summary Batch Job

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The Journey flag (checkbox) on a journey record indicates whether Demandbase Attribution has processed the record for a Journey Summary update.

VelocityandConversion1.png If you changed or removed a journey record transition incorrectly (for example, an incorrect movement to Closed Won on the opportunity journey), you can correct it. After correcting the transition, you must recalculate the Attribution velocity and conversion metrics for the Opportunity and Person Journey. To recalculate the velocity and conversion metrics in Demandbase Attribution for the Opportunity and Person Journey, clear the journey flag.


  1. In Salesforce, go to the Demandbase Attribution application.
  2. Go to the Attribution Jobs tab.
  3. Click the Clear Journey Flag on Journeys link.

  4. Click Run Now.
    When the job is finished, a message that says Complete displays. 
  5. To review the details of the completed job, review the Attribution Batch Jobs dashboard in the Attribution Dashboards folder: When the Journey checkbox is blank, attribution has been cleared.
  6. Re-run the journey summary job: On the Attribution Batch Jobs tab, click Create/Update Journey Summary Records. (See Create or Update Journey Summary Records.)
  7. Click Run Now.


Monitor the results on the Attribution Batch Jobs Dashboard. When the job is complete, the Journey records are checked.



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