MQL Attribution - Sample Dashboard for LIGHTNING

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The MQL Attribution dashboard for Lightning is one of several out-of-the-box attribution dashboards.


Use this dashboard to:

  • Track the total number of MQLs created per month.

  • Monitor the number of MQLs created this month compared to your goal.

In the example above, there are 46 people that have reached the MQL stage this month. That is 46% of the set goal for the month. The tracking for this report automatically resets each month.

  • Track the activities influencing MQLs with three different attribution model views.
    • Minutes Model:

      Weighted by minutes, this view shows which activity types and categories are the most effective influencing MQLs over the current and previous fiscal year. In this example, Intent Surge is influencing over 16 MQLs over the past year and current year, whereas Interesting Moment is influencing around 15 total.
    • First Touch:
      Use this report to understand the original or first touch that helped source an MQL. Keep in mind this is the earliest activity touch that is captured within the Activity Influence Timeframe. Out-of-the-box, the influence time frame is 365 days. In the following example, a majority of the MQLs had a first touch from the Program Success and Interesting Moment activity types. However, we are seeing a number of MQLs that were also sourced by Filled Out Form.
    • Last Touch:
      Finally, use this report component to understand what is pushing a person to MQL. The last touch will be assigned to the activity touch that has the most recent activity date prior to the MQL transition. In this example, the Intent Surge and Interesting Moment activity types are tipping a lot of people in the current and previous fiscal year over the MQL threshold.
  • Monitor the average number of Touches (Sales + Marketing) and the average number of Minutes (Sales + Marketing) for an MQL.

The Average # of Touches component displays the average number of Demandbase activities recorded for each person on average before it becomes an MQL. The Average # of Minutes component displays the average number of minutes recorded prior to an MQL.

    • Analyze Most Recent MQLs:
      This table displays the most recent MQLs with a few sample columns included, such as: 
      • From Journey Stage
      • Contact
      • Lead
      • Demandbase Touches
      • Total Engagement Minutes

There are many ways to customize this dashboard. Please feel free to filter, change the date ranges, remove components, or even change the attribution model as needed.

See Customize Dashboards with Custom Journey Stages and Change the Attribution Model Displayed in Dashboards to create your own.

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