Configure Attribution Filter Criteria

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Attribution allows you to fine-tune exactly which Activities to count in attribution calculations and which to completely ignore.

For example, you might track activities like tasks with minutes, so you can see them in Demandbase even though you don’t want to give them attribution credit. Another example is canceled meetings: You may want to see them in your engagement data, even though you don't want to assign them any positive attribution scoring.

You can configure Attribution with your unique set of criteria based on how you score Demandbase activities and how you intend to use Attribution.

To configure Attribution, include activities from Attribution by updating the Attribution Filter.


The attribution filter uses selectors. If you are new to selectors or need more guidance using them, see Working with Selectors.


  1. From the left navigation bar, go to 1SettingsCropped.png Settings > Journey > Journey & Attribution Settings and click the Attribution filters tab. The filter page is an inclusive filter.
  2. Update the criteria for what you would like to include in attribution. Here is a common example for canceled meetings. This filter is set up to include all engagement except Canceled Meetings:
  3. Click Save.


Attribution recalculates attribution moving forward and historically, based on the new filter criteria.

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