Schedule Customer Journey Updates for Converted Contacts Batch Job

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In the Salesforce Journey Summary records, an enabled Attribution Person Journey stage may show a person from a previous transition as a Lead, even though the Lead was recently converted to a Contact. (See Understanding Lead to Account Matching). You can schedule the batch job Update Customer Journey with Converted Contact to update the lookup field in Salesforce to the new Contact record instead of the old Lead record.

This will NOT impact reporting on conversion or velocity. It just makes the data cleaner when viewing the Person Journey KPI Dashboard.

We recommend scheduling this job to run daily, so you don’t have to remember to run it manually.


  1. In Salesforce, go to the Demandbase Attribution application.
  2. Go to the Attribution Edits tab.
  3. Click the Update Customer Journey with Converted Contact link:
  4. Click the Daily option in the Attribution Scheduler and enter an hour of the day to run the job (we default to 22, which is military time for 10PM):
  5. Toggle Activate the Scheduler on.


The toggle label changes to Enabled, and the job runs as scheduled.

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