Install Demandbase Attribution in Salesforce

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Install Demandbase Attribution through the Salesforce AppExchange.



  1.  In the App Exchange, click Get It Now in the top right-hand corner.
    You will then likely have to re-login into your Salesforce environment.
  2. Select whether to Install in Sandbox or Install in Production.
  3. Select Install for Admins Only, Install for all Users, or Install for Specific Profiles. We recommend installing for Admins only, so you can begin by configuring Demandbase Attribution. Then you can expand access to other users by using permission sets.
  4. Click Install, and the application will start the install process.
  5. When the installation is complete, click Done. If you receive a message that the application is taking a long time to install, then you should receive an email when the installation is complete.


Once the installation is complete, the Demandbase Attribution application should be available in the Salesforce App Launcher.


Next Steps

To avoid any error messages displaying from Demandbase Attribution in your Salesforce environment, please follow the directions in Attribution Initial Configuration after the initial install.


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