Attribution Opportunity Journey Builder: Out-of-the-Box Stages

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Attribution comes with a default set of out-of-the-box Opportunity Journey Stages:

  • Opportunity Created
  • Closed Lost
  • Closed Won

To access these stages, from the left navigation bar, go to 1SettingsCropped.png Settings > Journey > Attribution Opportunity Journey Builder. Click into each stage to see the selectors shown below for each stage.


Stage: Opportunity Created 

Opportunities Created is a catch-all stage for accounts that don't qualify for any other stage. It should not have any filters.


Stage: Closed Lost

The Closed Lost stage is meant to capture opportunities that have been closed, but are not won (or did not result in any revenue).


Stage: Closed Won

The Closed Won stage is meant to capture opportunities that have been closed and are won (or resulted in revenue).


If you need help editing the stage criteria, follow the steps Edit and Publish Account Journey Stages.


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