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When Demandbase captures journey stage transitions for Account, Opportunity, and Person journeys, it automatically captures their history as well.

However, not all journey stage transitions are useful for attribution reporting. For example, a stage like Recycle in an Account journey is helpful when analyzing conversion and velocity rates, but not necessarily helpful when trying to determine which type(s) of activities your team should do more of. It’s not a stage you want an account to enter frequently. 

In addition, if attribution is calculated for each defined journey stage, Demandbase Attribution can quickly use up a large percentage of data storage in Salesforce. The result is that you’re using storage for data that may be unhelpful and that you’ll need to filter from reports and dashboards. 

Therefore, the Demandbase best practice is to not calculate attribution for every stage. Out of the box, we calculate attribution for:

  • MQA
  • Opportunity Created
  • Closed Won
  • MQL


You must have Admin privileges.

Decide which stages are most important to capture.


  1. From the left navigation bar, go to 1SettingsCropped.png Settings > Journey >
    - Account Journey Builder,
    - Attribution Opportunity Journey Builder, or
    - Attribution Person Journey Builder
  2. Click Edit.

  3. Toggle Calculate Attribution on or off for that stage.ToggleCalcAttrb.png

  4. Click Publish. (Publish becomes available once you change something.)


When you first turn on Attribution, it calculates two years of attribution history for each stage where the Calculate Attribution toggle is turned on. This history is part of the initial data set that syncs over to Salesforce during the Attribution set up. 

By default, changing the toggle for Calculate Attribution captures attribution from the day it’s edited and going forward. For example, if you decide to calculate attribution for a stage like SAL on the Person journey and you turn the Calculate Attribution toggle on, Demandbase Attribution captures each new SAL transition from that day going forward in the attribution data set we sync to Salesforce.

If you toggle Calculate Attribution on after setup and you need the history calculated going back two years, please reach out to your Demandbase Account team.

Next Steps

If you decide not to calculate attribution for a journey stage going forward, turn the Calculate Attribution toggle off. 

If you don’t want to keep historic attribution data, manually remove the attribution records tied to the journey stage transition from Salesforce.


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